Panama City Lawyer Handling Rape or Sexual Battery Charges

cuffed from behindFlorida residents can face serious consequences if they are convicted of rape and other forms of sexual assault. These penalties include fines, prison time, and the destruction of one’s reputation in the community. Those convicted of such offenses will be required to register as a sex offender and may find it difficult to find employment and housing after the conclusion of their case. Prosecutors relentlessly pursue these charges and Judges show little leniency to defendants accused of such crimes. If you or a loved one has been charged with rape then it is crucial that you retain counsel as soon as possible. Omar Abdelghany is a Panama City criminal defense lawyer who has been licensed since 2013. He believes that everyone is entitled to a strong defense and our firm is ready to assist you. Contact us today to speak with an attorney.

Lawyer providing representation to Panama City residents who have been charged with rape or sexual battery

Rape is sometimes referred to as “sexual battery” in the state of Florida. This offense occurs when one engages in sexual contact through force or the threat of force. Charges may also be brought against one who has intercourse with a person who was incapable of giving consent (such as someone who was mentally handicapped). Typical first offenses will result in second degree felony charges and a potential prison sentence of up to fifteen years. If a weapon was involved, however, then the charges will likely be considered “aggravated” and a defendant may face up to thirty years in prison. If the victim of the offense was a child then a defendant may find themselves facing a life sentence.

Felony cases will begin with a judge determining whether there is probable cause to believe that the accused committed a crime. The defendant will then enter a “not guilty” plea and a trial will be set within 175 days under our speedy trial laws. Such matters also often involve evidence taken from the defendant’s home (such as clothing) and statements which the accused made to the police. If such evidence or statements were collected in violation of the Fourth or Fifth Amendments then it may be possible to have them excluded from trial. Also, rape cases can involve the use of medical experts. A defendant will be given the opportunity to retain their own experts in order to present another point of view for the jury. If a dismissal or resolution cannot be obtained then it will be necessary to take the case to trial and it will be the prosecution’s burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. These matters are complicated and it is important to retain an experienced lawyer.

Omar Abdelghany is a Panama City criminal defense attorney. He will analyze the arrest reports and other public information prior to your initial consultation. Once retained he will acquire the police reports, witness statements, and other information which the prosecution must provide pursuant to Brady v. Maryland. Omar will also conduct a full investigation in order to obtain any evidence which may show that the accuser’s claims are simply false. Omar will file any necessary Motions with the Court and will work with any required experts in order to build the best defense possible. He will prepare your case for trial and protect your rights from beginning to end. You are facing a serious situation and we will take your case seriously. Call today if you or a loved one have been charged with sexual battery.

Criminal defense attorney giving Panama City sexual battery and rape defendants a fair chance

Omar founded our office on the idea that everyone is entitled to effective representation. This is why he handles all matters in our office personally. He also provides a high level of attorney-client communication. This includes promptly returning messages and making himself available to answer questions. Our attorney is honored to serve the Panama City area and we promise this level of service to each of our clients.

Omar also serves clients in the Bay County cities of Callaway, Lynn Haven, and Panama City Beach as well as Calhoun County residents in Blountstown, Holmes County residents in Bonifay, Gulf County residents in Port St. Joe, Okaloosa County residents in Destin, Jackson County residents in Marianna, Leon County residents in Tallahassee, Walton County residents in DeFuniak Springs and Miramar Beach, Liberty County residents in Bristol, Wakulla County residents in Crawfordville, Gadsden County residents in Quincy, and Washington County residents in Chipley. He is also licensed to practice in federal court before the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida.